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First Day of TOEIC Study


01 Mar First Day of TOEIC Study

Today was my first day studying for the TOEIC test. If you found my website then you know the reason I study for the TOEIC test. I want to be a volunteer translator or interpreter for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. My first day of TOEIC was not very difficult. Mostly it was me looking for different online English schools where I could study for the TOEIC test. Most of the websites that I found had sample lessons. So most of my first day was looking at the sample lessons and trying them out.


Many of the websites I found only had practice questions. They really didn’t have any lessons. I’m a little surprised, I guess I expected something like a video lessons where the teacher was teaching a class but instead of students he was teaching to a camera. I’m not very impressed with only practice questions. I could go to the bookstore and buy a book of practice talk questions. That would be a lot cheaper and easier.

There were a couple of websites that had a little more than just TOEIC practice questions. Some of them had some vocabulary questions. These were okay. I liked the idea of improving my vocabulary skills. Another website I found had a form. Forum is a place where you can go and write messages to other people who are interested in the same topic. So everyone at this form was interested in studying for the TOEIC or the TOEFL test. Many people would write a message asking the question about different grammar problems or any questions they had about the TOEIC test. Then other form members would send them a message trying to answer their question. If you are member of form then you can see all of these messages very easily. This particular website I didn’t like but I did like the idea perform. I think in the future whatever online school I choose I deftly want them to have a forum where I can go and ask questions.

Probably the best thing I did today was I took a sample TOEIC test. This took over two hours. I was surprised at how long the TOEIC test was. I guess in my mind I thought it would be only an hour but really it was over two hours. 200 questions a lot of questions. If I could take the questions say only 10 at a time then I think it might be easier to concentrate. But after the first 75 or 80 questions I find myself losing concentration. It’s difficult to concentrate on the particular questions. And I quickly in making easy mistakes. The last section of the TOEIC test is the most difficult section. It’s a section where they have many different emails and letters any have to read them, then answer questions about them. It takes a long time to read everything. And in the end I didn’t have enough time to finish all of the questions. There were 25 questions that I left unanswered at the end of my time limit.
I’m going to have to be careful and make sure to watch the clock so that I know how much time I have left in the test and I can make sure that I have enough time to finish the last section of the TOEIC test. Well today was difficult but I learned a lot and the first step is always most difficult. Wish me luck.

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