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Tokyo Olympic Stadium


01 Mar Tokyo Olympic Stadium

There has been a lot of news and controversy over Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic stadium. It seems that the original design was considered a bit of a joke. Many people thought that it looks like a fried egg. Some other people said that it looks like a stack of plates. Well after some embarrassment the Tokyo Olympic Committee has decided that they do not want to use the original design for the Olympic stadium. Right now Tokyo Olympic Committee are considering two different designs. One still looks like an undercooked fried egg. White roof with a strange middle. The other one looks like a pile of salad plates. Unfinished salad plates because there is a lot of plants and trees between the walls. But both are much cheaper than the original design. Both of them are around ¥153 billion. The original design was estimated to cost around ¥252 billion. They also seem to be lighter weight and a much lower key approach. Both of these designs are believed to be from Japanese architects unlike the original design. So far local Tokyo residents do not seem to be very excited about the design. Some people said that they are a boring design. Most residents want a dramatic dazzling design but at the same time they don’t want to pay for it. Generally these types of designs are very expensive and Tokyo is looking to cut the cost as cheap as possible.

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