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New Puppy!


01 Mar New Puppy!


Today’s post is not about English, Olympics, or the TOEIC test. For a while I’ve been thinking about getting a pet, I like the idea of coming home to someone who’s always happy to see me. Why finally went out and got a dog. Not just a dog, but a puppy. I got a very cute German Shepherd puppy. I am so happy. He is so cute. All day today I took pictures and videos of him with my smart phone. Then I sent them to my friends. All of my friends were very jealous.

I know that taking care of a puppy can be difficult but I really think it’s worth it. The first day I got back from school after getting my puppy, he was there reading at the door. He was super happy to see me. And actually that day was a little difficult for me I had many difficult test at my university and I actually had a fight with a friend. I had a lot of stress. But as soon as I saw that little angel waiting for me at the door all my stress melted away. I’m very happy that I finally got a dog. Now I have to teach him to go to bathroom outside. Unfortunately my apartment is starting to smell bad. If any of you reading this have any tips on how to train your dog not to use the bathroom inside apartment please leave me a comment at the bottom or send me an email to my contact page

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