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Translating Job


01 Mar Translating Job

I finally got a job related to my dream of working at the Olympics. I got a very small very simple translating job. I have a friend who is from America. He lives in Tokyo. He is opening his own Café. He needed help translating his advertisements and menus from English to Japanese. So he came to me and offered me a job. If I would translate everything he needed he would give me some money. I told him that he can keep his money and I’d be happy to help them for free because I think it would be a great experience for me. It also would be nice to put on the resume when I start looking for jobs and when I applied to be a volunteer interpreter.

I found that translating the menu and ingredients of all the different meals and drinks was pretty easy. I had to use a dictionary a lot but once I found the words it was not very difficult. But when it came to the advertisements and the website I found it much more difficult. Because it wasn’t about finding precise language or words. It was about finding overall meaning of what my friend wanted to say. It’s about convincing people to come to the Café. It’s about creating a kind of aura or image for the place. Seems like more of a marketing or sales job. But I imagine that many translators have this problem and they have to learn how to use technical words for different designs and engineering documents but at the same time be able to use more creative terms when they are translating for marketing or sales.

Anyway I found that overall it took me about a week to finish all of the translations. I did this in my free time after my classes. About 2 to 3 hours every day. I really feel like I learned a lot doing this. And believe it or not I actually learned a couple of words that I saw on the TOEIC test as well. So overall and very happy and glad that I did this.

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