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I decided my online TOEIC school


01 Mar I decided my online TOEIC school

After searching for a month or so I finally decided on which online English school that I’m going to use for my TOEIC study. There were three websites that I had in my top three. One was called Goodwin, the other was TOEIC, and another was English test for They all have their strengths and they all had their weaknesses but the end I decided to go with the Goodwin There are many reasons why and I will try to list them all here.

The major reason that I decided to go with this website was that most of the lessons were video lessons. I found that these were more interesting than simply textbased lessons and it was easier for me to concentrate. I also found that by listening to these video lessons I also would improve my listening skills at the same time. Video lessons are much easier to start when you’re tired compared to textbooks or textbased lessons when you’re tired.

Another big reason was that Goodwin English has forum. This form as I explained in the previous post is a place where people who have interest in a certain topic came go and write messages to each other about that topic. In this case it’s about the TOEIC test and about English. I can go to the form whenever I have any TOEIC questions. If I have any grammar questions or vocabulary questions I can go there as well. They have professional teachers whose job it is to answer any questions that their students have. I think that this will be a great benefit towards my studying.

They also have some vocabulary lessons and courses, different listening exercises, and a whole lot of other stuff. Which I hope I will use. But Goodwin English was actually one of the cheaper online courses that I found as well. They are only $29 a month. I only plan on using them for about for five months. The other websites all were more expensive and you had to sign up for a full year. I don’t think I will need the website for full year. I’m not sure. But overall Goodwin English is much cheaper than the other ones. I’m going to try using it for a couple months and then hopefully if I have time I will give you a review of the website to tell you what I finally thought of it. I know that many of my readers are people like me who are preparing for the TOEIC test so I like the idea of giving you a review that can help you decide if you want to try an online school or not.

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