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2020 TOKYO Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics will be hosted by Tokyo. The event will take place from July 24 to August 9 in Tokyo Japan. Tokyo one this honor September 7, 2013. This is not the first time that Japan is hosting Olympics. In 1964 Japan hosted the sum Paralympic games. Tokyo will become the fifth city in the world to host the summer Olympic Games more than one time. It actually will become the only Asian city to do this. Tokyo will also be hosting the 2020 Paralympics as well.



The three candidate cities originally were Tokyo, is stem goal and Madrid. The first round of voting came down to Japan getting 42 votes, Turkey getting 26 votes and Spain getting 26. In the second round of voting Japan.60 votes compared to Turkey getting 36 votes.



The Tokyo government has created a fund of more than 400 billion Japanese yen, that is over US$3 billion, to cover the cost of the Olympic Games. The Japanese government is also thinking about increasing the capacity of its major airports in the area. The organizing committee is led by former Prime Minister Mori.


After the 2012 games the Olympic Committee assess the 26 different sports that were held in London. The Olympic Committee wanted to choose 25 course sports as well as the new sports of golf and rugby for the 2020 games. As of now there are three sports that are considered vulnerable to losing their slot in the Olympics. Those sports are the modern pentathlon, tae kwon do and badminton. On February 12 the Olympic Committee decided to drop wrestling from the Olympic program, this was quite a surprise because wrestling is one of the oldest Olympic sports. Wrestling has freestyle and Greco-Roman events and these go back to the eggnog girl modern Olympics in Athens in 1896. Wrestling actually goes further back to the ancient Olympic Games.


Because of the great amount of people they expect to come to the Tokyo Olympic Games the Tokyo government has been preparing its volunteers and workers to be able to communicate in the English language. As English is the major international language this will be the main focus but there will be other volunteers who speak a variety of different languages. In the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics studying English has become very popular among every day Tokyo inhabitants. Many people want to volunteer their services to make the 2020 Summer games the greatest games in the century. I am one of those people and this blog was created to help others like me and to create a record of my journey



Tokyo Olympics