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On this page were going to talk a little bit about the TOEIC test. Now if you read any of my other post or pages you will know that this is the way that the Japanese Olympic Committee measures people’s ability to speak English. The Japanese Olympic Committee has created different levels for its volunteers. Those levels are based on the volunteers English skills. So if you speak average English then you can help foreign visitors with simple task, such as finding different hotels, directions around the town and other things. If your English skills are a little better then you can act as an interpreter for various groups of foreigners who come for the Olympic Games. If you have very good English skills and you can act as interpreter for the athletes and coaches that come to the games. Now the Tokyo government needs many volunteer interpreters because they expect so many people to come. They cannot interview each and every person. So they are using the TOEIC test to measure these people’s English ability.

The TOEIC test scores your English ability from 0 to 990. 990 is a perfect score and of course zero is very very bad score. Most high school students who study English every day for six years could probably get around 450 points University students could do better getting around 600 points. To be one of the top volunteer interpreters, that is to work with the coaches and athletes you need to get a score of over 900 points. This is a very difficult task.

The TOEIC test has many different sections to it. They have four different listening sections. And they have three different reading sections. There is actually another separate TOEIC test that measures writing and speaking but that test is not very popular yet and the Tokyo Olympic Committee is not requiring its volunteers to take that test.

Because the tests is so difficult many people who decide to take it have to sign up for specialized English education or instruction. That means that they have to go to a local English school or they have to go online to find it online English school, some people can simply use various textbooks that are made for the TOEIC test. One problem is that studying for any test is very boring and therefore very difficult to continue. Most people who attempt to use textbooks only finish half or a quarter of the book before giving up. That’s why I think that studying at a school is best and if you can’t do that in online school. If you only have a textbook then no one is there to answer any of your questions. Having your questions answered is very important.

If you are like me and thinking about being a volunteer interpreter I suggest that you find a local English school around your home. But be careful, many English teachers only teaching those conversation they do not teach for the TOEIC test. Also many Japanese English teachers will teach for the TOEIC test what they do not teach the class using English, most of the instruction is in Japanese. This is bad because in the end you want to be an interpreter and if you cannot understand English then there’s no point in having a high TOEIC score. Another option is to go online and find a good English school. There are many good websites that teach English but unfortunately there are not many websites that are specifically created to teach for the TOEIC test. I have decided to use website that my friend recommended to me. The website is called Goodwin This is a website specifically made to help people take the TOEIC test. Whatever website you do choose make sure you research it thoroughly before paying for any membership. In fact, before you even start looking for school you should measure your TOEIC score now. You need to know what your talk score is before you start studying for because if you don’t know what your strengths are or what your weaknesses are a can be very difficult improve your score. There are many free sample TOEIC test online most of these are shortened test that do not give you the full-length 200 questions. But the website that I use does have a free full-length sample TOEIC test that you can use.Click below to use it.

There are also many materials on YouTube that you can use as well. Because YouTube is a video website is difficult to find any good reading test but there are quite a few free listening TOEIC tests. If you have some time click on the link below and test your listening ability.