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Volunteer Interpreter

What is a volunteer interpreter? Will that is a good question that I hope to answer on this page. Every four years somewhere around the world in a major city the Olympics are held. Millions of people from around the world come to the sporting event to enjoy supporting their country in a variety of different sports. These people come from different countries and therefore speak a variety of different languages. The cities that are lucky enough to have the Olympics go to great lengths to help these visitors during their stay. One of the most important things that the local governments can do is provide them with people who speak their own language. Now there are hundreds of different languages around the world and this can be quite a feat. But luckily the last 30 to 40 years English has become the de facto international language. So most visitors have some ability using English. This makes it easy for local governments to provide interpreters. Most of these interpreters are actually volunteers and are not getting paid. They do this because they want to help their country. And many of them also want the experience of interpreting so that they could use this to help get them a good job later on in the future. Volunteer interpreters have a variety of functions. Some simply stand in the street and help visitors get where they want to go. Some will introduce local culture and local food to the visitors. And some lucky volunteers will get to interact with the different athletes and coaches that come for the games. In Tokyo the excitement for the summer games has been matched by the motivation of so many Tokyo residents to become a volunteer interpreter. Because of this local English schools have been swamped with new students. The unfortunate fact is that most of these students will not be able to become volunteer interpreters because the requirements are very high. I hope that through hard work I can become one of these volunteer interpreters.