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My Dream

As many of you can guess by looking at my blog and reading the various posts you can see that I want to help my country put on the best Summer Olympics that they can. The way that I as an individual can help is by volunteering my services to help in any way that I can’t. I believe that anyone with language ability, that is they can speak other languages other than their own, can be of great help. I love people, I love interacting with people and communicating with people so I decided to be a volunteer interpreter. Of course this is my dream and it is not yet reality.
The fact is my English skills are not good enough as of this time. I need to score at least 800 points on the TOEIC test to be able to be considered for the job of volunteer interpreter. I’m lucky, I am a University student and I normally study a great deal of English in my everyday life, so to study for the Olympics is not that difficult. Most of my universe English classes are focused on business and English conversation, this means that I’ve never taken the TOEIC test. The TOEIC test is a very difficult test and many Japanese take this test but do not do well.
I plan on continuing my studies at my university but I also want to supplement my classes with specific TOEIC study. I plan on finding a good online school that focuses on teaching for the TOEIC test. Once I find the school I’m going to put in one hour every day studying only for the TOEIC test.
My dream is of course to be a volunteer interpreter, but really it is much more than that. I want to help all of the visitors and guests to Japan to have a great time while they are here. I want them to go home and think that Japan is a great country with nice and friendly people. This is my dream and many other Japanese people stream. Together with hard work and time I believe that we can accomplish this goal. Wish me luck.